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Rev War Book Pairing Set
The idea of putting books together that complement each other is called “Book Pairing.”  Book pairings can be made by combining fictional books with fictional books, non-fiction books with other non-fiction books, or fictional books with non-fiction books.  Reading paired books together or back to back can lead to a […]

Book Pairings in 5 Simple Steps

You know that feeling when you are getting close to finishing an amazing book, and you’ve just loved it so much that you are sad to be almost done?   Finding out there are more books in the same series…that helps me cope. Book series.  Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em.   […]

20 Book Series Worth Your Kids’ Time

Girl who doesn't like to read
I am frequently asked for book recommendations.  I think it’s part of the job description, even though I’m not working as a librarian any longer.  People know that I know about books, and come to me for advice.  I love connecting people with a book that will be a good […]

Books for Kids Who Think They Don’t Like to Read

Summer is upon us!   As the days get warmer, and the sun stays shining longer each evening, I am definitely ready for summer.  Although my boys aren’t quite finished with their school year, I am already looking forward to family vacations, long days spent at the pool with friends, special […]

Sensational Summer Reading