What’s Next After Magic Tree House?

As a former librarian and mom to two readers, I am often asked for advice on book selection.   Parents frequently ask me for ideas about what books I would recommend to their children.  I love fielding these questions, as I feel like I can usually offer solid advice to the parents.

Magic Tree House books

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is this: “My child has loved reading the Magic Tree House Series, but is ready for something else.  What should she read next?  This question is usually asked for one of two reasons:

Reason One

The child has finished the entire Magic Tree House series, and now feels lost.  He or she needs more books on a similar level, and a series would be helpful.


Reason Two

The question can also be asked because the child has enjoyed the Magic Tree House series, and is still reading and rereading them, but has advanced beyond that series in reading ability and would enjoy a little more challenging books.

Magic Tree House Love

For my boys, we mostly read the Magic Tree House series aloud as some of the first chapter books we read together.  After we progressed to more challenging read-alouds, my sons continued listening to the Magic Tree House as audiobooks during playtime and bedtime.  We hold a soft spot in our hearts for Jack and Annie at our house, and enjoyed traveling on their many adventures with them.  I know not everyone shares the same love, but the series can be a great jumping off point for many kids.


In the list below, I am recommending books for each experience I explained above.  I am only including series in this list, although there are also many stand-alone books that these readers would probably also love.  But sometimes what appeals most to readers who have finished Magic Tree House is another series, because they feel a little lost not knowing what to read next.  Some of these series should appeal to most readers who enjoyed the Magic Tree House series, but every reader is different, and some will love books that others don’t like at all.  Not all of the series listed have magical elements.  (*Starred series do have magic.)  I am including a link to the first book in each series.

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Series to try after Magic Tree House

Series on a similar level to the Magic Tree House series

These books could be perfect for a child who has read through Magic Tree House and is ready for something else on a similar reading level.

Cam Jansen Case #1: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds, Cam Jansen series, by David A. Adler

The Absent Author
, A to Z Mysteries, by Ron Roy

*The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
, Secrets of Droon series, by Tony Abbott

Ivy & Bean
, Ivy & Bean series, by Annie Barrows

The Fenway Foul-Up
, Ballpark Mysteries, by David A. Kelly

Series on a slightly more challenging level than the Magic Tree House series.

These series are roughly listed in order from easier at the top to more challenging at the bottom.  These series should also appeal to Magic Tree House loving readers who are ready for a little more challenging read (starred series have magic).

The Boxcar Children
, The Boxcar Children Mysteries, by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Jake Drake Know-It-All
, Jake Drake series, by Andrew Clements

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
, Geronimo Stilton series, by Geronimo Stilton

Beezus and Ramona
, Ramona Quimby series, by Beverly Cleary

The Mouse and the Motorcycle
, Ralph Mouse Collection, by Beverly Cleary

* Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series, by Betty MacDonald

The World According to Humphrey
, The Humphreyville series, by Betty G. Birney

*Knights of the Kitchen Table
, Time Warp Trio series, by Jon Scieszka

Sideways Stories from Wayside School
, Wayside School series, but Louis Sachar

And these series are even a little bit more challenging.

Again, these series are roughly listed in order from easier at the top to more challenging at the bottom.  These series are even more challenging than the ones listed above.  Consider reading some of these aloud if your child is younger or less mature as a reader.

Encyclopedia Brown
, Boy Detective, Encyclopedia Brown series, by Donald J. Sobol

*The Sasquatch Escape
, The Imaginary Veterinary series, by Suzanne Selfors

The Indian in the Cupboard
,The Indian in the Cupboard series, by Lynne Reid Banks

*How to Train Your Dragon
, How to Train Your Dragon series, by Cressida Cowell

*Tuesdays at the Castle
,  Tuesdays at the Castle series, by Jessica Day George

*Upside-Down Magic
,  Upside-Down Magic series, by Sarah Mlynowski

Treasure Hunters
, Treasure Hunters series, by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

*Half Magic
, Tales of Magic series, by Edward Eager

I hope some of these series will appeal to your Magic Tree House loving reader!   You can read these aloud, or your child can read them independently.  Check out the first book in a few of these series and encourage your reader to give them a try!

Happy Reading!